WELLNESS – Classes and Therapies


Shubhada Wavikar

This class will be open to beginners, and adults of all ages and abilities. This is a gentle yoga class, incorporating stretching, strengthening, breath awareness and relaxation. Modifications will be offered as required. The class will have a nurturing and stress-free environment.


6-class session $85; 8-class session $100; 10-class session $120;
$15 walk-in

Class Times:

Thursday 6:30 –7:30 pm


Email –

Min of 4 registrations needed to run a session

Speech and Debate Club

Paresh Motiwala

“The Fear of Public Speaking is just ahead of fear of death” for the average person. And this inherent fear in many can hinder ones professional and personal life. The purpose of this club is to instill confidence in an individual to speak in public; be it in a group setting, debate setting or just lecture setting. The club will teach students how to compose speeches and conduct them.

This curriculum consists of three major components – public speaking, debating, and group discussions. (Public Speaking and Debating/Group Discussions can be taken independent of each other based on teacher's evaluation. An evaluation session will be offered on a pre-determined day before the session begins). Both Public Speaking and Debating/Group Discussions consist of ten classes. Graduation will be on the tenth class. A student will need to attend at least 8 classes in order to graduate.

1. Public Speaking (Ages 5+): This component covers various aspects of public speaking such as body language, topic selection, humor, eye contact, dealing with adversities, knowing and reaching out to the audience, and constructing and delivering a speech. Students will be taught the art and science of giving an extempore speech. They will also be taught to not use PowerPoint, paper or index cards while speaking. At the graduation event the student will be expected to speak in front of a larger audience and a chief guest, and will be graded on it.
Time Commitment: 75-90 minutes other than the class time. About 30-40 minutes to compose the speech and other 4 practices of 10 minutes for each speech.

2. Debating and Group Discussions (Ages 8+): Under debating, the class will cover two classical forms of debating - team based debating and individual debating. The same concepts of Public speaking will also be applied here; like body language, voice modulation, eye contact and engaging the group. All of this will take a student’ s Public Speaking skills to the next level. The class will teach a student how to construct arguments, how to build counter arguments using the points made by an opponent and make use of body language, voice modulation, and eye contact to counter any arguments. Students will be discouraged from using any extraneous means of remembering their talking points.

Group discussion is one of the skills colleges look for the most after the GPA. In this section students will be given popular topics to discuss within a group setting. They get a week to think about the topic and formulate their strategy for delivery. The concepts of Public speaking will also be applied here. Everyone is taught that there are no right or wrong ways for or against an argument; that one needs to respect one another’ s points of view while making an argument, and; that it is okay to differ in opinion. Everyone in a group can be a friend and a foe at the same time. It is not how much or how loudly something is spoken but it is the quality and timing of the arguments that is important. Students will be discouraged from using any extraneous means of remembering their talking points. For graduation, topics will be requested from the chief guest who will then evaluate a student’ s performance.
Time Commitment: 60-75 minutes other than the class time. This would consist of writing and remembering talking points and possibly practicing with family.


$400 (10 week session)

Class Times:

Classes Sep - 16 thru Nov - 18
Saturday 10:00–11:30 am (Public Speaking, Ages 5+)
Saturday 11:45– 1:15 pm (Debate/Group Discussion, Ages 8+)


Email -

Min of 6 registration needed to run a session